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A 45 minute Case Study by:

Tero Väänänen

NHS Digital

About this Case Study

This case study discusses the challenges we faced designing a service that lets people prove who they are to digital health services. It includes a discussion on the complexities around security, user experience and designing a national service to add value within the numerous local services already available for patients and clinicians.

It will also describe the service design processes and methods we used during the discovery and alpha phases to discover the user needs, engage with host transaction services and the 3rd party service providers.

NHS Digital is transforming the way it delivers services for the public and the NHS. It's embracing user centric design and agile delivery methods to deliver more useful and valuable services.

Service design is a new discipline within NHS Digital. Combined with this, the size of the NHS and the thousands of organisations that actually operate under the umbrella brand of NHS brings challenges to how we can design services and not just digital products.

What is citizen identity and why we need a service to identify patients?

Patients want to be able to access different kinds of health services at a time and place convenient to them, and some will need support to enable this. Patient health records contain sensitive data that needs to be secure, and the patient needs to be in control of who can access it.

As verifying who you are can be a challenging process, patients do not want to do it more often than necessary. Some patients that access GP services may have already completed this process and will not want to do it again.

The NHS also needs to adhere to identity standards in order ensure that the right person has access to the right information.

There are a number of existing services provided by the NHS and third-party providers. Each service has, over time, developed its own ways to allow people to access online accounts and services. Eventually, we want people to be able to verify their identity once and then be able to access the full range of personalised health and care services.

About the Speaker

Tero is a principal service designer at NHS Digital and is the Service Design Lead for the Citizen Identity Programme. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors designing digital products and services, evangelising about user experience and user centred design. He designed early mobile internet services for Orange and led the UX design team responsible for the internet bank for HSBC and First Direct, as well as helping organisations to find the right problem to solve as Head of User Experience and Design for an agency.

He is passionate about the possibilities of technology - from robotics to Internet of Things and wearables - a photographer specialising in pinhole photography, an artist and a tech geek.