Let´s talk about impact: Service Design in the Health Sector

A 60 minute Keynote by:

Birgit Mager

Service Design Network

Aline de Araujo Alonso

Service Design Impact Report

About this Keynote

Measuring and demonstrating the impact of service design in the healthcare sector is highly relevant in order to grow awareness for and application of the still young discipline. The Service Design Network wants to reach out to everybody who is and who might potentially be creating impact with service design in the health sector. If that is your case, please share your experience in this online survey and share the survey link (http://bit.ly/2gQ8KdO) to help in the building of this global overview!

This Keynote will focus on the need for measuring value and impact of Service Design in the healthcare sector and it will outline the process and the outcomes of the in-depth research done by the Service Design Network throughout 2017. The SDN is conducting a research in collaboration with the global service design community, gathering experts in the field to create an overview on how service design is contributing to the Health Sector and draw conclusions and recommendations for the next steps in maturing and expanding the discipline.

About the Speakers

Birgit Mager

In 1995 Birgit Mager gained the first European professorship in service design at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany - and since then has developed the field of service design constantly in theory, methodology and in practice. Her numerous lectures, publications and projects have strongly supported the implementation of a new understanding of the economical, ecological and social function of design in the domain of services.

Birgit has lectured and taught as a guest professor in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Africa, Brazil, USA, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, England, the Netherlands and Belgium.

She has conducted research projects on service design for the German Ministry of Research and Science and also in collaboration with national and international partners like Deutsche Bank, OMV, Siemens, German Telekom, McDonalds, Nokia and many more.

Birgit is co-founder and president of the International Service Design Network, editor in chief of Touchpoint, the international journal of service design, founder and manager of sedes|research, the Center for Service Design Research at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne.

She is also a member of numerous boards and juries.


Aline de Araujo Alonso

Aline is a Brazilian designer, currently living in Europe, interested in how design can inspire, engage and enable people to act towards social and public innovation.

She holds a Master of Integrated Design from Köln International School of Design, in which she explored speculative roles for Academic Design Labs within Public Sector Innovation. Last year, she managed the project of the first Service Design Impact Report. Currently working on the next reports with the focus on Health Care, to be released in November and a second edition about the Public Sector, early 2018.